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Face coverings are a must for everyone and should be worn at all times unless you are actively pedaling.

You must maintain a distance of 6ft to the sides, front and back.

The hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout the event and attendees are encouraged to use it regularly.

The training area will open for you to enter 50 minutes before kick-off.
You must go through the safety filter to take the temperature and check the symptoms.

It will be operating from 9:00 am.

It will be installed at the entrance to the ELITE training areas, where the temperature will be taken and after that, you will be able to go to training (if you present any symptoms, your participation will not be allowed).

It will be working from 8:10 am.

To access the starting line you must have passed through the security filter installed before the line, there the temperature will be taken and every 20 minutes they will pass the line (if you present any symptoms your participation will not be allowed).

You must keep your distance, wear a mask at all times and stay in your place.

We invite you to bring the hydration and snacks necessary for the journey. Avoiding going down to the support stations will be your safest move and will help you save time.
When actively pedaling, we recommend not spitting and always do your best to put your bandana on when approaching a peloton.

Once there, you must use mouth covers, keep your distance and follow the flow indications.

Passenger bus-type units with a trailer, where the sanitary measures dictated by the authority for public transport will be applied, you must follow them to the letter.

The services that you will find at the finish line are:

  • Medal delivery
  • Delivery of jersey or t-shirts
  • Souvenir shop for the Hydration and Baths event
  • Buses back to Rosarito (cost extra)
  • First aid

We will receive you with music, cheers and a lot of enthusiasm! But given the current health situation, we believe that it is important to transition step by step to have a safe event, for this reason, we will not have an arrival party. the finish line as always will be at Blvd. Costero and calle Rotario in front of Riviera and Cearte .

Only cyclist in the finish line area https://goo.gl/maps/UVZdKtcmsDkUw9bVA

We are in this together, let’s show that we are ready for this and more cycling events.

See you on September 25!